Simon Wood

Building a Leadership Architecture
Development programs | 90 minute Interactives | 1:1 coaching

In this 90 minute interactive we’ll spend time looking at the end-to- end process for building leadership capability in your organisation. We’ll examine the kind of culture you need to be to win in the market, the kind of leadership behaviours that you need to bring that culture to life, and lastly the way you then create the learning environment to enable you people to lead.

By simply taking the time to map out the architecture you can take the plans to large businesses or small teams- and have lasting success.

Simon has been helping organisations and individuals to build their leadership strength for over ten years. Proven results, a client focus and a love of learning enables him to deliver tailored, nuanced and effective end-to- end solutions, from consultation and design through to delivering training and coaching.

Simon’s background in psychology and coaching enables him to think critically and to design learning programs based on evidence; his performance background enables him to communicate persuasively and deliver strongly in the room; his business experience enables him to adapt to difference contexts quickly, draw key stakeholders together to align direction with a view to creating a leadership architecture that delivers bottom line results

I like to think about leadership as being a set of behaviours that is displayed when the situation demands it. It’s something we are all capable of doing if the right conditions are met- the right culture, the appropriate skills and the right direction. A bit like building a house. The foundation need to be solid, the framework strong, and the design suited to the land. Getting those elements working together produces structures that stand the test of time.

He has worked across all sectors, from financial services to manufacturing, with some of Australia’s (and the world’s) biggest brands, delivering solutions around Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA. Whether coaching c-suite executives or helping first time team leaders, he is a passionate about unearthing people’s leadership potential, so they can achieve their results, help their teams and businesses perform and ultimately live happier, more productive lives at work.

Graduate Diploma Psychology, Monash University (2012)
Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment (2009)
Bachelor of Dramatic Art, NIDA, (2001)
LMAP 360° Psychometric Accreditation (2013)
Intensive Coach Training, Results Coaching Systems (2010)
Executive Coaching Level 1, Institute of Executive Coaching (2009)
DISC Accreditation, Corporate Plus, (2006) (Integro) 2015