REDgum Collective

The REDgum Collective is a group of exceptional practitioners who each bring a distinct focus to interpersonal communications in 90-minute group interactives, development programs and individual coaching. They provide people and organisations with specific skills to achieve individual and business goals.

James Freemantle
Personal Brand | Leadership | Presentations that Make a Difference | Media
Jo Stanley
Resilience and Mindful Practice | Personal Brand
Charles Crawford
Keynote speaking | Solving problems | 1:1 coaching (online)
Sally Wilson
Find Your Voice of Power
Simon Wood
Building a Leadership Architecture
Nick Morris
How to Overcome Anything
Chloé Oestreich
Presenting with Purpose and Presence
Marg Mills
Authority and the Feminine Voice
Bruce Anderson
Career Management – an Action Plan
Mary-Anne Kamel
Self-Mastery towards Leadership
Rocco Esposito
The Rocco Esposito Wine Experience