Creating Positive Media Presence

You’re a school principal, a sports star or a CEO and you have to face the press. A teacher’s committed a crime, the board’s sacked your coach, there’s an accident in your factory, an oil spill hits the headlines, the company’s profit forecast’s been slashed…

It’s not just disasters that necessitate swift and efficient communications with radio television, print and electronic media. You might be launching a new business, partnership, merger; showcasing an event or product; commentating as an expert or arguing for a change in legislation.

It’s surprising how often this is the time the thought I need some media training crosses people’s minds. By now though, it’s too late…

Media is the greatest tool of leverage ever invented. When interacting with the media it can be challenging to consistently deliver and effectively communicate your personal brand. In turn, you may be perceived, described and experienced negatively or inaccurately by the media, which can damage your career.

CEO’s, school principals and professional sportspeople rely on REDgum Communications to optimise their interactions with the media. We provide strategies and practical support to convey clear, positive, incontrovertible messages via print and on-camera interviews.

Learn to use the media to promote your positive messages, and learn to recognise the traps. That way, you’ll never need to say: ‘I was quoted out of context.’ REDgum Communications conducts practical media training workshops for groups, coaching for individuals and ongoing media management for organisations.

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