Mary-Anne Kamel

Self-Mastery towards Leadership
90 minute Interactives | Development programs | 1:1 coaching

Mary-Anne Kamel’s 90 minute Interactives provide participants with an introduction to self-leadership, laying the foundation to take charge of their own development. Her coaching enables individuals to follow up on this learning with dedicated focus on roles, purpose and career clarity.

Why is personal leadership important? According to Aristotle, Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. If we accept our personal reality and we master ourselves, only then can we truly enable, empower, inspire and evoke our own leadership and that within others. The beauty of this program is it can be applied to both personal and professional leadership of self and others regardless of your level of experience. It incorporates leading edge theoretical and practical knowledge of the world’s experts in leadership.

We cover an integrated leadership model leveraging our Cognitive (IQ), emotional (EQ), Spiritual (SQ) and Interpersonal intelligence. By the end of this truly immersive session you will start taking real action to close the knowing-doing gap. You will leave with your own POWER model ready for you to enact your personal leadership strategy.

Expert in the neurology and psyche of the human mind, Mary-Anne Kamel is passionate about making a difference in the work lives of those who don’t necessarily see themselves as leaders.

Mary-Anne has over 16 years corporate experience in Australasia in Telecoms, Retail and FMCG. She’s worked cross functionally in Marketing, Sales Development and Capability, Sales Forecasting and Category Management, Recruitment and Capability Development at best in class corporations Telstra, The Gillette Company, Procter & Gamble and Mondelez (formally Kraft Foods). Mary-Anne has coached and trained hundreds of people to overcome blocks, fears and challenges and achieve clear, purposeful self-leadership.

Mary-Anne understands the demands, pressures, culture and dynamics of organisations. Her business management skills, curiosity about human behaviour, grounding in Psychology, NLP practice and delight in interpersonal communications combine to make her a highly-effective change-maker.

Bachelor of Arts – Psychology
Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing
Certified Master Practitioner Neuro‐Semantics
Certified Master Practitioner Meta‐NLP
Associate Certified Meta‐Coach (ACMC) with the Meta Coach Foundation (MCF)
Integral-Semantics Facilitator Certification