Marg Mills

Authority and the Feminine Voice
90 minute Interactives | Development programs | 1:1 coaching

In this interactive Marg draws on her parallel careers as a professional stage actor and coach for accomplished professional women who find themselves not being heard or not being taken seriously in certain circumstances at work.

There are exercises particular to the psychology of authority, and others for improving vocal techniques. Marg has great insight into the perspectives, drivers and physiology that combine to create compelling presence that can’t be ignored.

Since 1999, Margaret has coached people in the corporate field in face to face communication in Australia, Asia and the US. She specialises in helping people find their vocal ease.

The voice works best with fearless commitment to the sounds, words and thoughts spoken and when this is not the habit due to any kind of pressure, the voice can require creative approaches to re-find its ease. And when it does, that’s exciting!

Marg has worked as an award winning actor in all the major theatres in Australia and continues to perform. She spent 2013 in London completing her Masters in Voice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She taught at East 15 drama school before returning to Melbourne where she teaches on the VCA Post-Grad Voice course, Federation University, the National Theatre Drama School and coaches privately.

The voice is a muscle like any other in the body and responds to well co-ordinated exercise. Changes in volume, tone, articulation and range can often be developed quickly with big improvements in vocal presence and impact. 

MA Voice, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London
BA Communication, Murdoch University
Dip Drama, Victorian College of the Arts