Jo Stanley

Resilience and Mindful Practice
Personal Brand
90 minute Interactives | Keynotes | 1:1 coaching

Change can be frightening. Complexity can paralyse. Pace, conflict, busy-ness, bad news, health worries, failure – they’re all peas under the mattresses of the stressed, the worried, the pessimistic, the sad and the angry. And at some time or other that’s all of us!

In this interactive with the inimitable Jo Stanley you can build your own personal, internal, private reservoir of resilience. Jo will help you to look at obstacles differently; to see the opportunities in challenges; to re-frame and refocus; and to understand, believe, know that you can tackle anything life throws up.

It might cause others to see a different version of you: one who’s more grounded, more positive; stronger and clearer than ever before. And you’ll certainly see Jo in a different light in this entertaining, delightful and transformative 90 minutes.

With over a decade as one of Melbourne’s most loved breakfast radio entertainers; on the Matt and Jo Show on Fox FM and currently on the Jo and Lehmo show on Gold 104.3; Jo Stanley knows a thing or two about creating a profile and riding the knocks.

I think I bring two things to REDgum through the many years of experience I’ve had in the media… firstly understanding your personal brand … from the point of view of the uniqueness of you; how you can find that in yourself, how you can share that … and how that can be a really positive experience. And secondly … I’ve collected many practical strategies to help you gain resilience no matter what challenges you face

Jo’s covered world breaking news live; such as Todd Russell and Brant Webb’s escape from the Beaconsfield Mine, Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath of the Black Saturday fires. She’s also interviewed some of the the biggest celebrities in the world, including Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga and Beyonce.; and consistently provides creative and exciting brand content solutions for a variety of clients on air and online.

Jo’s experience as a comedian, writer and presenter inform her work with REDgum Communications. She loves Aussie Rules, fashion, highlighting women’s issues, her husband Daz and daughter Willow, sit-coms, parties and post-it notes.  She writes for newspapers around the country, and prides herself on her excellent grammar, even in SMS.

Jo’s interactives are highly entertaining, as well as rigorous, personal and involving. They are inevitably transformative! Clients including the AFL, Ella Bache, Fernwood, Gap, the Melbourne University Business School and Westpac, have reported great benefit from Jo’s unique perspectives on personal brand and resilience.