who are you? how can you most effectively change people’s minds?


When speaking to an audience, your intent is critical – it will frame how you speak, how you look and the language you choose. What action or actions do you want your audience to commit to as a result of your speech?  Are these actions consistent with each of your stakeholder groups within your audience? Rather than just giving information, you need to be very clear about what you want your audiences to do with the information you are providing.

I want my audience to…

Believe me, Work harder, Be interested, Create, Try, Operate, Implement, Promote, Experience, Seek, Be involved, Donate, Recognise, Buy, Recruit, Change, Explain, Sponsor, Develop, Be responsible, Agree to, Use, Perfect, Search, Apply, Invest, Take ownership, Endorse, Sell, Vote for…

When you’ve defined this goal, you know where you’re going. This makes it much easier to plot your course!

I have learnt that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Novelist Maya Angelou

If you can determine what you want your audience to feel, they are more likely to take the action you want them to take. If you want them to be inspired, scared, empathetic or angry, how should you deliver your message?

I want my audience to feel…

Hopeful, Proud, Angry, Expectant, Cherished, Energised, Astonished, Superior, Soothed, Able, Motivated, Inspired, Disillusioned, Calmed, Altruistic, Reassured, Troubled, Ashamed, Tranquilised, Sympathetic, Offended, Euphoric, Greedy, Forgiving, Disgusted, Invincible, Irresistible, Oppressed, Apologetic, Relieved, Jealous, Shocked, Mischievous, Sheepish, Ecstatic, Aroused, Hostile, Reassured, Enthused, Disgusted, Selfless, Burdened, Fascinated, Fearful, Delighted, Playful, Chuffed, Amazed, Spontaneous, Anxious, Shaken, Grief, Optimistic, Inferior, Confident, Appreciative, Powerful, Peaceful, Vulnerable, Exonerated…

Create an emotional response in your audience by identifying how you want them to feel to get them to take the action you want to them to take as a result of your speech or interaction.


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James Freemantle

Company founder James Freemantle has worked internationally in communications and training for over two decades, helping people to experience dramatic improvement in their abilities to express, influence and inspire. Professional sportspeople, entertainers and executives rely on him to enhance their abilities in presentation techniques, personal branding and media training.

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