7-day Personal Brand Introductory Course


Who are You? Maybe you thought you knew but someone said you’re aggressive when you thought you were assertive, or arrogant instead of confident, or disengaged when you thought you were task-focussed and maybe just a little bit shy… People see you differently to the way you see yourself or the way you’d like them to see you. This means they have a different experience of you, would describe you differently and would judge you differently on questions like Can I trust this person? and Can I work with this person? and How honest/motivated/smart is this person?

These are crucial questions when it comes to how people make decisions that effect your life. When I worked as a TV travel show reporter, if viewers hadn’t enjoyed the experience of me, and wanted to visit the places I was, or skydiving into the wineries I was skydiving into I wouldn’t have had ten fun years on their screens. And if a News editor and Chief-of-Staff hadn’t understood that I was a trustworthy, authoritative communicator then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work as a TV News anchor to an international audience in Moscow.

Let’s say you have some goals: start a business, get a better job, get a raise, sell something, influence someone to do something. How do you bring your best self to the interactions that will help you to achieve the goal?

My 7 Day Personal Brand introductory course will guide you through strategies and techniques to help you define, articulate and then consistently be the best version of yourself that you can be. I’ll help you connect to the vital, virtuous and values-based elements of who you are, so creating ‘brand-you’ isn’t about pretending. It needs to be completely authentic to be sustainable. The definition of a brand is the promise of a consistent experience to a consumer. You’ll work on visual, vocal and verbal messaging in your communications to create the consistent experience of you that will have others wanting to work with you, give you that job, fund your idea or take a leap of faith because they trust you completely!

The REDgum Communications 12-page booklet is yours to download and work through to complete the course during the 7 short daily videos and in your own time. You’ll be able to refer back to it as you develop your ultimate personal brand and tick off those big goals and challenges!

Best wishes,

James Freemantle

ps. I’ve opened up Day 1 so that you can get a taste of what’s to come before you buy – just click Day 1 below …

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