Chloé Oestreich

Presenting with Purpose and Presence
90 minute Interactives | Development programs | 1:1 coaching

To live life to its full potential you need to allow yourself to return to the positive presence with which you were born. This presence will make you more compassionate, successful, joyful and loving- whether it be in your personal or professional life.

Gaining greater self-awareness and understanding your own habitual patterns lays the foundation of behavioural change. Chloé creates a supportive and stimulating environment in which you can explore your potential to create more deliberately positive presence in your everyday communications.

This change doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time, practise and kindness to yourself. In the Presenting with Purpose and Presence interactive you’ll explore ‘to be or not to be’ and prove that you have a choice to live and be present with yourself and others – if you want!

Chloé Oestreich works with business professionals and senior executives to improve their communication skills, pitches and presence.

Chloé grew up bilingual in Switzerland, Germany and England. Through her acting career in Europe and Australia, Chloé became fascinated by cultural difference and the range of ways people communicate. She’s adept at analysing the array of information our bodies project when presenting our words.

A lot of people believe that their product is enough, their design is enough, their pitch is enough. Once they understand how much impact their posture, body language and voice can have on their interactions, they become a vital part of what they represent.

By making her clients aware of their individual strengths and weaknesses, Chloé brings empowering clarity to personal and professional presence.

Leading development programs, coaching startups, and delivering keynotes to businesses including Pacific Brands, Peddle Thorp, COX, McCANN, DDB Melbourne, Whybin TBWA and BPM, Chloé helps people achieve greater confidence and clarity when interacting in business environments.

As part of Springboard Enterprises’ Accelerator Program, Chloé ran a master class for last year’s top ten female finalists.

BA Dramatic Art, Victorian College of the Arts
Grad Dip Journalism, RMIT
Filmschauspielschule Berlin, Germany