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Charles Crawford CMG is the former British Ambassador to Poland (2003-2007); Serbia and Montenegro (2001-2003); and Bosnia and Herzegovina (1996-1998). A barrister and mediator, he draws on 28 years’ experience in the UK diplomatic service.

Charles has formidable experience in achieving sharp end diplomatic impact and sensitive problem-solving. He is known for his innovative thinking and unflinching honesty. To have access to Charles Crawford as a coach is one of the greatest performance-enhancing strategies senior executives can employ, and one that the REDgum Collective is proud to offer.

In his diplomatic career he served as FCO Speechwriter to Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe, and has contributed to speeches by members of the Royal Family and successive Prime Ministers, as well as Ministers and many others in public and commercial life

He played a significant role in post-conflict reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the war crimes problem; in coordinating international support for democratic change in Serbia, Kosovo and Croatia; and in helping negotiate important aspects of the 2005 EU Budget deal and 2007 EU Lisbon Treaty.

Since 2007 he has worked as a professional mediator and negotiation and communication consultant, delivering acclaimed learning programmes for private and public sector clients, including:

  • United Nations
  • Foreign Ministries of UK, Poland, Croatia, Sweden, Vietnam, Netherlands, Turkey
  • Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)
  • Guardian Masterclasses

Charles is an expert commentator on international issues appearing on BBC, Sky, ITV and CNN; he has written for the Independent, Guardian, Daily Mail, Sun, National Review Online, Radio Free Europe, Voice of Russia and DIPLOMAT.  He is on the Daily Telegraph comment team. He is the only foreign contributor to the US speechwriter site

His book on leadership communication Speeches for Leaders was published in 2016, and he won a Cicero Award for a speech prepared for Sir John Sawers (former Chief of MI6) on Technology, Security, Freedom.

Charles speaks (varying levels) Serbian/Bosnian, Polish, French, Russian and Afrikaans, is married with three children and lives near Oxford in England.

His executive communicating coaching achieves leaps in confidence and impact:

The edit Charles did to my draft speech was an eye opener – a real master class in paring ideas and messages down to the bare crisp and clean essentials…

I love that you are so intolerant on points of detail…

For 45 minutes I could hear the audience listening to me…

The workshop you facilitated was truly exceptional – the drastic improvement one could observe from one day to another was more than convincing. It was definitely one of the highlights during my 5 years in charge of staff development.

The speaker starts. Within just a few seconds the audience mull options:
Hmm. Perhaps this one will be interesting – let’s listen!
Woe. More dreary stuff. Back to emails and Candy Crush

His approach is bold and demanding: How good are you ready to be?